Best Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor


On the market, there are many choices of devices. Many keep track of the latest measurements and some have an arrhythmia indicator. If you choose it on the internet, the information is very precise (measurement memories, arrhythmia indicators, weight, cuff size, dimensions, price and warranty). If you buy it in a pharmacy, the pharmacist will help you choose it.

You must also choose it according to certain criteria:


  1. Only semi-automatic or automatic oscillometric (electronic) devices are recommended
  2. Prefer devices with memory
  3. Auscultatory devices (aneroid or mercury) are not recommended except under certain circumstances
  4. The finger tensiometer is not recommended
  5. The wrist sphygmomanometer is currently not recommended, but may be useful in patients in whom arm measurement is impossible (extreme obesity)
  6. The size of the cuff (small, medium or large) should be appropriate for the circumference of the arm.

A semi-automatic device is used by manual inflation by pear.An automatic device has no bulb to inflate the cuff, it is done automatically.

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The display on the screen is most often: systole, diastole, pulse, date and time. The systole is the first digit (the highest) The diastole is the second digit (the lowest) The pulse is the number of heartbeats in one minute.

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