Windows 10 Creators: Upgrade Delete 11 Important Features


It may be an unattractive name, but the Windows 10 Creators update is probably the biggest update of Windows to date.


It brings a large amount of new features, including a game mode, Edge enhancements, and it extends the capabilities of Cortana. But what we know less is that the update also removes some features …

A BetaNews report reveals both the deleted and discarded features (still in use but will be removed soon) in the Windows 10 Creators update . The most important changes that users should pay attention to are:

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  • Default flash autorun in Edge – By default, Flash has been disabled in Edge and replaced with the Click-to-Run (C2R) option. Nothing surprising since other browsers like Chrome have applied a similar policy. However, this parameter can be reactivated by the user
  • Interactive Services Detection (UI0Detect) – This feature displays a dialog box to warn the user when a program tries to interact with the computer.
  • Microsoft Paint: support for languages ​​that are not on the list of primary locations – Farewell to these languages ​​… A shame for many users.
  • NPN support in Next Protocol Negotiation (NPN) will be replaced by Application Protocol Level Navigation (ALPN) as the new default support for TLS.
  • WSUS for Windows Mobile – Windows Server Update Services for Windows 10 Mobile was transferred to the new UUP.

Not surprisingly, the most controversial features are the most threatened. If they have not been completely deleted in Windows 10 Creators , do not expect them to live long:

  • Apndatabase.xml  The database is replaced by the COSA. BetaNews reports that ”  some constructs (including hardware ID, mobile inbound messaging rules, auto-connection, APEN parser, and CDMAProvider ID) will no longer work .”
  • Playlist – A feature that allows you to save items for later playback offline. Many third-party services can easily replace it.
  • Applications corner – Provided by the first update of Windows Phone 8.1, this setting allows others to use your Windows Phone and access the applications previously selected. They will then benefit from a common and customizable welcome screen, like a “guest” mode.
  • Tile Data Layer – This program saves applications, programs and tiles from the Start menu.
  • TCPChimney – This program transfers the workload of the CPU to a network card during network data transfer. It is assumed that it will be replaced by a more powerful version in the future.
  • Unload IPsec Tasks – Designed to reduce the CPU load by moving some heavy workloads of resources to the network adapter.

It is interesting to note that some of these improvements are a good thing, that deprecated or deleted programs are replaced by upgrade services (such as UUP) or because they are simply no longer used. The other side of the coin? Some of these changes – like no longer running Flash by default – could cause problems to users ignoring these changes, especially if they have become used to using them before.

Looking at the table as a whole, Windows 10 Creators – which will see the current April – seems to be a good update, which looks like what Windows 10 should have been when it was launched. It is important for Microsoft to redouble its efforts to encourage users to abandon Windows 7 and Windows 8.

And then we must keep in mind that progress always requires sacrifices