Apple iOS 11 Upgrade Begins To Disjoin


Apple ‘s iOS 11 is full of features (many of which are hidden), but following reports of some malfunctions we advised iPhone users to wait before the update. A well advised advice, we know now, because now the iOS 11 makes his own.


A fresh report from mobile security company Wandera puts the finger on the problem: the iOS 11 is a battery stunner.

While waiving the usual complaints published online by iPhone and iPad users about the lifetime of their battery after an iOS update, Wandera found concrete evidence of serious degradation caused by the operating system . The company achieved this result by monitoring the activity of “a group of 50,000 people making moderate to very frequent use of iPhone and iPad devices ” on its network operating the iOS 11 and iOS 10.

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Experience has shown that the battery life of devices running iOS 11 degrades more than twice as fast as devices running iOS 10.

By explaining the results obtained, Wandera reports that the iPhone iOS 10 can be used for an average of 240 minutes before the battery runs out, against only 96 minutes on average for iPhone iOS 11, a major degradation of 60%.

“In other words, the degradation rate for the iOS 10 is 0.006958% per second, while it’s 0.01739% per second for the iOS 11”, the Wandera report notes.

Wandera attributes this gap both to the reindexing of Spotlight on iOS 11 and to the willingness of users to try all new features at the same time, but this can not justify the overall extent of the malfunction. Thus, the company suggests to severely affected users to moderate the problem by limiting the number of applications running in the background and accessing the phone rental, until Apple finds a solution.

However, being aware of the limited potential of these options, Wandera noted: “Low battery mode could be the best option until Apple puts in place new updates that hopefully will remedy excessive discharge of the battery. ”

Some people switched to iOS 11 have minimized the damage by opting for a more drastic action of resetting their iPhones, but this option has a downside: you can not reset and restore the phone from a previous backup, but only configure the laptop as a brand new device. This implies the loss of all applications, data, and settings, even though this option is unproven for everyone.

Curiously, I have not seen any reports of problems with the newly released iPhone 8 and iPhone 8. It seems that the victims of malfunctions are only users who have updated.

Therefore, if you switched to iOS 11 and found no side effects, rejoice. On the other hand, if your phone is hit or you have not yet done the update, you can only wait for iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.0.1, not too long, which we allow ourselves to doubt.