Sharp OLED display with 100% usable area could beat everyone


Sharp OLED display with 100% usable area could beat everyone

Sharp OLED display with 100% usable area


The latest fashion of smartphones is to obtain an as much as possible display usable ie with the greatest percentage of the surface to be able to use. In this case, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + have caught such a full fashion with its “Infinity Display” who have an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 and they see in the almost total disappearance of the frames. In this case even the new Apple iPhone 8 but also the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should always follow this road with OLED display ever larger on the front. Sharp, however, he seems poised to break records and every manufacturer with a new smartphone coming probably next July 17.

In this case the rumors coming directly from China all are directed towards the presentation of a new terminal characterized by the total absence of frames or of the edges with the achievement of even 100% of usability by the user. This would allow Sharp to really be the first to submit a device of this kind with a screen-body ratio above the current Xiaomi Mi MIX or even the Galaxy S8 and S8 + already on the market.

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Clearly this choice of Sharp’s not surprising then too since it was the company had whetted the market in 2014 with the first smartphone with the screen from non-existent frames. It was the Sharp AquosCrystal and even if he had not found big hits on the market, especially for a technical sector not high, certainly had a stir the adaptation of a display without a frame on three sides of the body.

However, Sharp itself seems to have learned the lesson. The new smartphone that will certainly go down in history for the novelty and the display record could also gamble from a hardware point of view with the presence of a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 flanked by 6GB of RAM, 64GB of internal space and precisely the 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2048×1080 pixels. Also impressive multimedia level with a dual camera at the rear of 12 MP and a front from 8MP.