OnePlus 3T Mobile that you may buy


OnePlus 3T Mobile:

OnePlus 3TIn the street, spring, nice, people are excited by the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and the announcement of Xiaomi Mi6. If you are not going to participate in this disgrace and look at OnePlus 3T, now we will voice five reasons for buying this worthy device. It’s worth mentioning right away that there’s practically no point in changing OnePlus 3  to OnePlus 3T. Unless you are interested in the new coloring of Gun Metal.



The company has established effective feedback from users. There are no problems with support, she listens to everything. At the extreme case to understand with something incomprehensible to help users, they are responsive, there are many. In general, a living community is a pledge of long-term support for a smartphone – it is in the possession of OnePlus 3T. Our client uses the Oxygen firmware on the base of the Android stock, for which updates are operative. There is nothing superfluous in it. Gestures – in moderation. Customization is the right one. The wallpaper is stylish. I really like the ability to assign functions to hardware buttons under the screen. If you want – change the last places. If you want – make it possible to launch the camera through the Home (double pressing as in Samsung), and if you want – block the device by pressing with the hold (Meizu Style).

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OnePlus 3T has advanced hardware stuffing – lots of memory, a powerful processor, fast charging. Iron is relevant not only today, but it will behave adequately tomorrow and even on a provisional day after tomorrow. And if you take into account that demanding toys do not appear almost (we test all the same asphalts, new ones, tanks and other dag triggers year after year), then we can not even sweat at the expense of games. Throttling is poorly expressed, benchmarks show many parrots. RAM here for the eyes – 6 GB. The flagships of eminent competitors have only “4 GB” of RAM and to 6 many of them will be picked up only next year. The shell is very smooth.


OnePlus 3 was one of the best gaming smartphone  and OnePlus 3T with updated hardware basis continues to carry the banner. The phone abruptly takes off, looks great and promptly updated. We checked the device and its filling (6 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 821, Adreno 530) in benchmarks, and some of the most demanding games. The benchmark metrics stably high. Throttling can say no, the body heat load there (after all, it is made of metal), but there is no discomfort. In our opinion, OnePlus 3T is one of the best gaming smartphones and smartphones (on set of qualities) in general. For providing a sample of OnePlus 3T thank the online store (price on the time of withdrawal of the material is 24 thousand. Rubles). Take advantage of cash back , to return 5% (1200 rubles) from the smartphone price.


The camera is decent both in the photo and in the video. It’s hard to call it the most-most, the best, it would be a lie, but next to the top-end solutions of Samsung, Apple and LG, it keeps a cheerful – no, no, and it breaks out into leaders in some situations. Chinese in general in terms of photo and video shooters lately, and I’m now not only about OnePlus, but in general – time after time they raise the bar higher (Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, ZTE). However, the results from the camera OnePlus 3T much more eloquently than words:


The quality of assembly and materials is excellent, and there are practically no complaints about marriage. Unlike the same Huawei, which forgot to put on the flagship P10 oleophobic, OnePlus closely monitors all stages of production. There is no problem with the central button, as well as with the slots. OnePlus 3T is really well executed.


In terms of price-performance-quality, this is one of the most tempting devices. In addition, it is liquidated. Not an iPhone, of course, but there is a steady demand. The phone can be easily ordered from China and it can be bought in regional networks. True, the difference in price is substantial. For example, in GearBest with a OnePlusG3T coupon and premium cashback, which you can get when registering through us , it will cost you somewhere in 22 thousand rubles. And officially the same “Svyaznoy” asks him for 34 thousand rubles (Cashback from Svyaznoy is also possible, but the price will still not be as tasty as from China). In general, whatever one may say, and in a wide range from 20 to 35 thousand rubles OnePlus 3T – one of the most interesting options.