LG V30 can get curved OLED display


LG V30 with curved OLED display

LG V30


LG this year already managed to shoot the flagship G6 with FullVision-display, which was warmly received by the public. To have time before the competition from the Samsung, the Korean company has decided to use last year’s Snapdragon chip 821, leaving the actual version of “Dragon” series popular PHABLET LG V. Chinese sources report that another feature of LG V30 will be curved at the edges of OLED-display, which, incidentally, it could be introduced in the G6 . Will he at the same time is made in the spirit of FullVision concept, not underlined. Note desired display has been presented in 2015 (Flex or Edge), but then it was a panel with low by today’s standards HD-resolution. Two years were to promote LG Display technology much further. The remaining characteristics include LG V30 4GB of RAM, and an improved dual chamber DAC Quad Hi-Fi Audio. It is not excluded that the LG V30  will run on Android OS Nougat.