iPhone 8 expensive smartphone ever seen

iPhone 8 expensive smartphone

The iPhone 8 expensive smartphone ever seen

iPhone 8 expensive smartphoneThe next iPhone could bring several innovations in the line-up of Apple, such as an OLED display covered the entire surface of the device, a new method for authentication, premium materials. All this may come with a hefty premium, fear that hangs in the air for quite some time. According to the latest theories, iPhone 8 could cost as much as $1,200, when the US current models start at $649.


The most recent round of speculation about the next iPhone prices comes from John Gruber, the same as a few years ago had predicted a price greater than $10,000 for some versions of Apple Watch, intuition which then has come true. His words: “$1,500 as the starting price is too high. I think $ 1,200 is rather likely for the base model, with the more expensive instead will have a list of 1,300 or $1,400”.

Although Gruber has some commonality with some of Apple’s top management, these items do not rely on blown from internal sources but on the idea of the whole staff. The American writer is not the first to speak of rising prices for the next iPhone by, with fears around this assumption that become more informed as we approach the release of the products expected by the end of the summer.

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The surcharge is inevitable, because the iPhone sell in large numbers at the launch, forcing the company to produce millions of units in a very short time. This is one of the reasons why Apple is usually not able to introduce the latest technological innovations, such as instead it is possible to competitors less successful on purely numerical forehead. The most advanced components are, in fact, usually more difficult to manufacture in large volumes.

And speaking of books, Apple may need to ensure the availability of tens of millions of “8 iPhone” by the end of 2017. If Apple to launch a new, extremely expensive iPhone may be able to reduce demand, increase margins on unit sales and at the same time, agree to take higher risk by adding more features and parts difficult to implement. With a single maneuver might get different results.

Without delay the launch of the product, otherwise indispensable to ensure the expected sale volumes, Apple would be able to obtain a margin of 30 or 40% higher gain by placing the new model in a market segment never explored alongside two most traditional models. At the same time the model with OLED displays is that the real “fans” are trying for years, and they may be willing to pay a high premium.